Friday, July 24, 2009

Polda Dots Baby Quilt

I picked up some white fabric a few weeks ago, and finally sashed together my polka dots baby quilt blocks. I used a cotton batting and a cute blue suns-and-moons flannel print for the back.

The batting only requires quilting every twelve inches, so I simply quilted around the blocks to allow the blocks to poof a little bit.

Just a small quilt, the perfect size for a stroller, or laying a newborn down for a nap.

Monday, July 20, 2009


The pattern for this bag, called The Florence, came with the pattern pieces and a 13 step assembly instructions including no pictures. Strangely it was printed on an 11x17 page, but was printed on only 1 of the 4 available sides. If you can’t guess a few choice words were uttered. It really could have used some pictures to help fill in the gaps. At times I felt like I was assembling complex Ikea furniture. If I had ever made a similar purse in the past it might have been ok, but between the handle ‘facings’ and how best to pin and sew the round bottom I definitely found myself wanting more.

I added a row of pockets to 1 side, 2 small pockets (perfect for a cell) and a spot for a pen. I used medium weight interface against the lining, and fuseable fleece on the bag fabric. The pattern didn't call to use the bag fabric for the top portion of the linner, but I like it better to see the same fabric when the exterior of the bag is just one fabric.
In general I like the finished product and will probably used the pattern again, but it really should have had some illustrations or pictures to help.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting back to it.

Despite my lack of posting since moving, I have been doing a little bit of sewing. I've made some curtains and worked on some small projects.

One of first projects was a grocery bag with a built in pouch, for compact storage. The bag is a fairly standard rectangular bag with 2 long handles, no interfacing, but derocartor weight fabric gives it a little weight and strength.
The pouch is fairly large, quite a bit bigger than I expected. It lays inside the bag and the main bag is reversed into the pouch which is also flipped inside out to house the bag.

I shall hopefully takes some more pictures soon and have another post or two before long.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Knitting Needle Organizer

One of my best friends LOVES to knit and recently asked to me to make her a needle organizer like she’s seen on etsy. So I looked through some different tutorials on the net and settle on a basic pattern with a top flap to keep the needles from falling out.

I had found 2 fat quarters on sale a while ago that are a modern floral on white, which I liked but wasn’t sure how to use, (white for bags scares me) which seemed perfect for this. I had another fat quarter of a black white and red floral motif that I think compliments nicely and used a scrap piece of black to go with the other two.

I found the project came together quickly; I was glad I read through a few different tutorials and took the best advice from each before I started. Had I thought it through a tiny bit more I might have sewed the ribbon right into the side seam, instead of adding it right at the end, but at the time I was focused on getting the main organizer as nice as it could be and wasn’t thinking about the ribbon yet. All the tutorials I find called for using a piece of batting, but I thought fusible fleece would be even better as it shouldn’t shift or bunch over time. My walking foot definitely came in handy sewing through 8 layers of fabric and the batting.

Hopefully if I my friend likes it and finds it useful I may make a few more as Christmas presents.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baby Blocks 2 + Curtains?

My first bit of sewing in the new home was to finish up the simple baby blocks, so that I have all nine ready. Unfortunately I haven’t found a material to sash the blocks yet, so this project may get shelved for a while.

Yes they are a strange assortment of animals, from an ostrich to a whale wearing a sailor hat. But overall I think they make a cute assortment.
Some time in the near future I’m going to have to make some curtains for my bedroom. The previous owners were just using shears, and I find way too much light is getting in. I went to a local textiles store yesterday and found a funky material on sale because of printing defects. Luckily they still had significant lengths in between the problem areas, so I was just able to get long enough pieces.

At first I wasn’t too sure of it being black, but I think I’m going to really like it. There were only 2 pieces of fabric long enough to make a pair of curtains, so I didn’t feel like I had time to think it over too much. Hopefully they'll be smashing.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Whole Room Devoted to Sewing

Well and my wireless modem, that's where the cable is accessible.

After seriously hurting my back and being laid up for a few weeks, and then taking possession of my very first home I am finally ready to start sewing again. Not only that, I am very excited to have an entire room devoted to sewing. I've got separate spaces for sewing, ironing and cutting. Plus actual storage space that is not my bedroom floor. I've got a bookcase and a closet so all my patterns and interfacings can be organized and put away.

On a sad note, I have lost my consummate friend, Stretch. I snapped this pic of him sleeping next to me while I sewed a few months ago. ( Not lost as in died, he belongs to my best friend and former roommate, I had grown very accustomed to him hanging out with me :( )

In being forced to pack, move and unpack my things ( I should be honest I didn't actually pack all of it, with my back hurting, my friend helped me with some packing) I have realized just how much scrap material I am hanging onto for future applique projects. I even have scraps and fat quarters I've been saving for Christmas applique and other scraps for baby/children's applique. I really need to get down to some more sewing.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sometimes you just need easy

After 2 long weeks or work, a busy weekend including a visit from one of my best friends and my birthday I’ve done nothing in 2 weeks. Not only that I feel too sleepy to think about anything and so I finally decided maybe I would just start something really simple if I didn’t have the mental capacity to do anything at all tricky. Thus I began to put together a few cutesy blocks for a baby quilt. I’ve seen this sort of simple baby quilt a few different places including very modern examples at

I dug through my fabric stashes and found some cute animals and began piece the blocks. When I started I intended to use various leftovers for the outer parts of the blocks, but after doing four I’ve now realized that I have a polka dot theme going. I actually have 2 more fabrics with little dots on them one blue and one brown, so I’ll have to decide whether I stay with an all polka dot theme, or do half and half.