Monday, July 20, 2009


The pattern for this bag, called The Florence, came with the pattern pieces and a 13 step assembly instructions including no pictures. Strangely it was printed on an 11x17 page, but was printed on only 1 of the 4 available sides. If you can’t guess a few choice words were uttered. It really could have used some pictures to help fill in the gaps. At times I felt like I was assembling complex Ikea furniture. If I had ever made a similar purse in the past it might have been ok, but between the handle ‘facings’ and how best to pin and sew the round bottom I definitely found myself wanting more.

I added a row of pockets to 1 side, 2 small pockets (perfect for a cell) and a spot for a pen. I used medium weight interface against the lining, and fuseable fleece on the bag fabric. The pattern didn't call to use the bag fabric for the top portion of the linner, but I like it better to see the same fabric when the exterior of the bag is just one fabric.
In general I like the finished product and will probably used the pattern again, but it really should have had some illustrations or pictures to help.

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  1. Stunning bag - and great fabric...perhaps the pattern manufacturer could do with your pictures!