Friday, May 15, 2009

Knitting Needle Organizer

One of my best friends LOVES to knit and recently asked to me to make her a needle organizer like she’s seen on etsy. So I looked through some different tutorials on the net and settle on a basic pattern with a top flap to keep the needles from falling out.

I had found 2 fat quarters on sale a while ago that are a modern floral on white, which I liked but wasn’t sure how to use, (white for bags scares me) which seemed perfect for this. I had another fat quarter of a black white and red floral motif that I think compliments nicely and used a scrap piece of black to go with the other two.

I found the project came together quickly; I was glad I read through a few different tutorials and took the best advice from each before I started. Had I thought it through a tiny bit more I might have sewed the ribbon right into the side seam, instead of adding it right at the end, but at the time I was focused on getting the main organizer as nice as it could be and wasn’t thinking about the ribbon yet. All the tutorials I find called for using a piece of batting, but I thought fusible fleece would be even better as it shouldn’t shift or bunch over time. My walking foot definitely came in handy sewing through 8 layers of fabric and the batting.

Hopefully if I my friend likes it and finds it useful I may make a few more as Christmas presents.


  1. Love, love, love it! It looks great. & That material is fabulous!

  2. Beautiful work!! Jeanne is awesome, it's so sweet of you to make this for her :) And now I'm excited I've found your blog through her! Nice to meet you! Can't wait to check out the rest of your stuff!